Your Quick Guide to Naps!


Is your baby sleeping well for the most part, but your only struggle comes to their naps? Or are you stuck between naps and want to make sure your little one is ready to eliminate a nap?

Your quick guide to naps is a ‘mini eBook’ to give you some tips and tricks to help with naps. In this guide we will cover age-appropriate wake windows, sleep environment, routines, sample schedules, nap transitions, introducing quiet time once those naps are done, and short naps!

Please note: This is not a sleep training eBook. If you need to teach your little one independent sleep skills, my Sleep Like A Baby or Custom eBook can help.

If you have purchased any of my full guides such as Sleep Like a Baby or a Custom eBook, you do not need this mini eBook. If you are still having struggles with naps, despite having one of these guides, feel free to reach out and we can see what is the best option for you.



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