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The Fourth Trimester is from birth to 12 weeks. Babies aren’t fully ready for the outside world and still need that close contact with mom – why wouldn’t they?! But we simply can’t be pregnant for another 12 weeks! (Whew!) This eBook will cover soothing your baby, newborn sleep basics, and creating healthy sleep habits from the start, while still responding to your babies needs and your instincts as a caregiver. This book is not sleep training, which is not recommended until at least 4 months of age from original due date.

If your baby is 3 or 4 months old and you don’t feel you need the full guide on newborn sleep, as you are beyond that stage, but also not ready for sleep training please see the eBook “Laying a Healthy Sleep Foundation.” This will cover the basics on creating healthy sleep habits, but is not sleep training. If you are ready for sleep training, please see my ‘Sleep Like a Baby’ eBook. Custom eBooks are also available.

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3 reviews for The Fourth Trimester eBook

  1. Diana

    This e-book is everything you need to learn about sleep when you are pregnant or have a newborn!! The information covers every sleep aspect that I wondered about and helped me feel way more prepared to set up a great sleep foundation for my baby. The format is very easy to read and understand. Highly recommend. 🙂

  2. Andrea Talbott (verified owner)

    The tools in this ebook were such a game changer for us! With my first I had no idea what to do and he never slept as a newborn. I started using the tips in this guide with my second and he’s doing 8-9 hour stretches at 2 months old. Highly recommend!

  3. Carly Worsley (verified owner)

    This is a long overdue review however, I’m so thankful for Michelle’s 4th trimester ebook & her email support.
    I purchased the 4th trimester eBook as our son (2nd baby) threw us for a bit of a loop in the sleep department along with bad gas and reflux. Soon after reading through and committing to the steps in the eBook our son caught on quite quickly. Now, at 8 months we have a great sleeper. He gives us solid, predictable naps, and 12 hour stretches at night. Not to mention we haven’t noticed sleep regressions or teeth affecting sleep. I’m certain this is because of the firm foundation we started building around 5 weeks with Michelle’s eBook.
    We did do firm sleep training (if I can even call it that) around 5 months which only took a couple nights for our Son to be sleeping through without a feed. I’m certain this was because of the self soothing techniques he learned early on.
    To add to this, Michelle’s email support is phenomenal. She’s very quick to get back and thorough in her responses. She’s passionate about what she does, and great at it.
    Thank you Michelle!

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