Sleep & Your Toddler


Once we get through the newborn and baby phase, we might think those hard days of sleep are behind us. When our babies becomes toddlers, we start to see entirely  different kinds of sleep issues. Their brains are working on overdrive, and they can’t quite regulate their emotions yet. We start see bedtime battles, tantrums, and big transitions with naps and sleep arrangements that can be challenging to navigate without creating bad habits or experiencing further protest from our children. This is why this eBook was created!

Our Toddler guide will cover:

  • Crib to bed transition
  • Bedtime battles & stalling
  • Toddlers getting out of bed
  • Night wakings
  • Nightmares & Night Terrors
  • Nightlights
  • Eliminating the Pacifier
  • Naps – fighting naps & eliminating naps
  • Introducing ‘Quiet Time’
  • Early Mornings
  • Daycare & Sleep
  • Also included are 5 personalized e-mails that do not expire!

Our guide goes into detail on the ‘why’ behind some of these issues and a variety of different methods and tips to overcome these.

Guide will automatically download upon purchase. Please note where your downloads appear whether you are on your phone or on your computer, and make sure you save it before exiting. 



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