Sleep Like A Baby *Gentle Version* Sleep Training Guidebook


Our ‘Sleep Like A Baby’ Gentle Version Sleep Training Guidebook is for families with babies 4 – 24 months. This guidebook will cover routines, age appropriate bed times, sleep environments, sleep associations, naps, night feeds, and a gentle method of sleep training. This method involves consistent reassurance, while still giving your baby the space to fall asleep independently.

Before purchasing, please know that “zero cry methods” cannot always be guaranteed. Babies communicate through tears, but when we look at gentle vs. firm methods this tells us how we intervene and how quickly we intervene. All of my methods involve reassurance, but with this more gentle method your reassurance will be more frequent as baby gradually gets used to falling asleep independently. Also included with the purchase of this eBook is our Future Phases eBook.

If you feel your baby would respond better to less interaction and more space to fall asleep, but still periodic reassurance, our other version of Sleep Like A Baby offers a firm method. eBook will automatically download upon purchase. Please note where your downloads appear whether you are on your phone or on your computer, and make sure you save it before exiting. 



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