Laying a Healthy Sleep Foundation


Intended for months 3 and 4, (but can be used for a couple months beyond this age as well if you choose) this eBook covers the basics on creating healthy sleep habits, routines, and helping your baby sleep longer stretches at night.

If you purchased my ‘Fourth Trimester’ eBook or package, you do not need to purchase ‘Laying a Healthy Sleep Foundation,’ as all of the information is in you other eBook.

Since some of you may be here, passed the newborn phase, but not ready for formal sleep training this eBook is for you! I also offer custom eBooks to help if you are in between newborn and sleep training. With this, we can outline how to improve sleep and additional tips to meet your baby where they are at developmentally and how we can transition into formal sleep training when your little one is old enough and you are ready. 

Should you require additional support, or have any questions, please e-mail me at and we can arrange a phone call, or determine the next eBook that would be suited to you.

eBook will automatically download upon purchase. Please note where your downloads appear whether you are on your phone or on your computer, and make sure you save it before exiting. 



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