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Purchase as a package and SAVE! When purchased separately, the Custom eBook is $99.00 with email support it’s own at 50.00 for 10 e-mails. When purchasing as a package you get the eBook, a complimentary future phases eBook, and a total of 20 e-mails to help guide and support you now and in the future!


  • Detailed Customized eBook/Sleep Plan: Your customized eBook will be based on your child’s specific needs regarding sleep, areas of struggle, appropriate sleep training method based on your comfort level and child’s temperament, and much more to get your little one sleeping soundly!
  • Email Support: I want you to feel supported on this journey! This package includes 20 e-mails to help support throughout your sleep training journey, (expect responses within 24 hours). 
  • Future Phases eBook: Troubleshooting guide, plus some tips and tricks on common situations that arise as your little one grows such as travel, teething, transitioning from the crib, etc.


Please fill out the below questionnaire and click “submit,” before adding to your cart. Once your product has been purchased and payment has been confirmed, I will receive the answers to your questions and will be in touch within 24 hours to advise on an ETA for your custom eBook. Current turnaround times for custom eBooks are 4-6 days. Immediate download of your Future Phases eBook and Communication Guideline will download once payment is processed.

Once you click submit the page will refresh and your answers will no longer appear. Please know this means it worked and I go them! Proceed by adding the product to your cart and checking out. Can’t wait to help you get the rest you deserve!


Aren’t sure which product is for you? Contact me at for a free assessment to determine the best option for you and your family!

5 reviews for Custom eBook + Email Support

  1. Janelle C

    This program is AMAZING. Our 4 month old was only sleeping maybe 4 or 5 hour stretches at a time for nights, and maybe 35 min cat naps every single nap time. We thought she would ‘get over it’ herself so we tried to wait it out.. no such luck. As first time parents, we needed help. After seeking Michelle’s expertise and guidance when our little one was 5.5 months, we now CONSISTENTLY have 11-12 hour full night sleeps and 1-1.5 hour naps. Every. Single. Time. All thanks to Michelle. Our daughter is happy and thriving, she gets the full rest she needs, and we as parents are much happier and rested and can enjoy our evenings to ourselves and full night sleep.

    I recommend Michelle to EVERY parent I encounter. Her individualized sleep plans are life changing. Amazing. Worth every penny. She answered all our questions and listened to our trials and tribulations and now we’re on the other side and so thankful. Our only regret was not hiring her sooner!

    This package is truly a gift for the entire family. Thank you Michelle!

  2. Jagat

    I recommend this plan to EVERY parent. My daughter was 6 months old at the time and was getting up after every 2 hours in the night. Her naps were not beyond 30 minutes. Needless to say, I was sleep deprived.

    One of my fellow mother recommended Michelle to us. Michelle listened to our concerns and challenges and came up with a plan that was customized as per our, and most importantly our daughters need. I could see the results from 3rd night onwards. Her constant support was and IS still very helpful.

    She is a magician! She changed the sleep game altogether. Sleep training is important not only for the baby but for the parents as well.

    I now have my evenings to myself. And I am so happy that I took the decision to sleep train my child.

    Thank you Michelle!

  3. Melanie (verified owner)

    I highly recommend Michelle for all of your baby sleep needs & concerns! I contacted Michelle when my little guy was 4 months and she helped guide me on how to get him to sleep those longer stretches at night, all while still doing night feeds! The email support is such an amazing option with the customized sleep plan, and she was always available and super informative for all of my (many) emails! It’s so nice to have my evenings back, and to get sleep during the night!

  4. Kristy Cymbalisty (verified owner)

    Can’t thank you enough! Michelle was so easy to work with and so accommodating to our unique needs. She worked wonders with my 6 month old twins. She is very professional, timely, thorough and kind. I highly recommend the email support as that was key to our success and Michelle was so encouraging and prompt with her replies. You can tell how much she really cares about her clients. My twins are now great sleepers and my husband and I are so pleased about the time we now get together. I have recommended her services to all my twin friends!!

  5. Marissa McKay (verified owner)

    This program was amazing! Total game changer! My son now sleeps 12 hours a night, and has long, consistent naps during the day.

    The personalized service that Michelle provides really sets this apart from other sleep training plans. She was so helpful and responded to all of my questions quickly and with great thought and detail. She was even able to help me several months after when an issue came up.

    I would recommend this for every new parent out there. It was definitely one of the best investments we made!!

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