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Your custom sleep plan will include a detailed individualized plan based on the questionnaire filled out below. Your sleep plan will include everything from nap schedules, age appropriate wake times, sleep associations/sleep crutches, night feeds, a sleep training plan to suit your comfort level and your baby’s temperament, and any other areas you are struggling with to help you and your family get sleeping through the night!  You will receive your custom plan 3-5 days from payment being received and questionnaire being completed.

Included in your purchase:

  • Complete customized guide for you and your baby or todder
  • 5 personalized e-mails that do not expire

Please fill out the below questionnaire and click “submit,” before adding to your cart. Once your product has been purchased and payment has been confirmed, I will receive the answers to your questions and will begin working on your customized eBook!

Baby's Gender(required)

What are your sleep goals?(required)

Do you have a bedtime routine?(required)

How many times does your baby currently wake up in the night?(required)

Does your baby use any of the following to fall asleep?(required)

Do you currently feed your baby in the night?(required)

Would you like to wean night feeds? (Note: You can still have a good sleeper if you are still feeding in the night)(required)

How comfortable are you with crying? (Please know I will not provide you with the Cry-It-Out Method)(required)

Does your baby have any health conditions that could impact sleep?(required)

Is your child in day home or daycare? (required)

Was your baby born premature?(required)

Once you click submit the page will refresh and your answers will no longer appear. Please know this means it worked and I go them! Proceed by adding the product to your cart and checking out. Can’t wait to help you get the rest you deserve!


1 review for Custom Sleep Plan

  1. Cassandra (verified owner)

    We have been using our customized ebook for our baby girl since she was 7 months old and we haven’t looked back since! Michelle did a fantastic job creating an ebook that was tailored to our daughter and families needs. With the ebook and Michelle’s great support we were able to help our daughter develop strong sleep habits, have solid naps throughout the day and have her sleeping through the night! We are once again, a well rested family! Our now 11 month old daughter gives us 11-12 hour sleeps every night, and we are extremely grateful for it!!

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