Sleep Like a Baby


Our ‘Sleep Like a Baby’ downloadable guide is targeted towards babies and toddlers 4-24 months, but you’ll find some of the tools in this guide can help you down the road as well.

With this guide, you will learn about your baby’s sleep and how to set them up for sleep success through ideal sleep environments, flexible nap routines, preventing overtiredness and even under tiredness, sleep props, night feeds, night wakings, bedtimes sleep regressions, early mornings, and much more!

Now, when it comes to Sleep Training, we are learning HOW and WHEN to respond to your baby in a structured approach while allowing them to be aware of their surroundings when falling asleep. There are multiple different sleep training methods available from firm to gentle, and everything in between. When you purchase the Sleep Like a Baby Guide you will get to choose from 5 sleep training methods that are included in your guidebook, based on your comfort level and sleep goals.

Also included when you purchase the Sleep Like a Baby guide, are 5 personalized e-mails that NEVER expire! This way, if you need personal guidance, have questions, whether during the process, or when something comes up down the road with your little one, I am here to help! Additional e-mail support can also be purchased if you need more help.

It is not recommended to sleep train before 4 months. If your baby was premature, please use adjusted age. Before purchasing, please confirm your child is at least 4 months.



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