Cubo Ai & Safe Sleep

As a sleep consultant, baby sleep and safety is a common concern for many families I work with, and as a mom myself, this is something that is top priority for me too. 

When it comes to safe sleep for a newborn and young babies, we use the phrase ‘back to sleep.’ Studies have shown that laying your baby on their back to sleep on a firm flat surface, with no loose items in the crib, is the safest way for sleep and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) prevention. 

We can follow all of the recommended sleep safety tips, but we are still human, and we worry. To be able to have something else to help give us that peace of mind while our little ones sleep can be so reassuring. Plus, as babies grow, so do their physical skills. This includes rolling, crawling, pulling to stand, and the eventual introduction of a comfort item such as a lovey, small blanket, or stuffed animal. All of these things can add another layer of worry when it comes to their sleep. 

There are a variety of different products on the market for monitoring baby sleep and safety. Many of these are camera only and many that track sleep and your baby’s safety, involve an item for baby to wear such as a sock, special type of sleep sack, or even clips onto the baby’s clothes. There are many things to consider when it comes to adding something to a baby to wear from baby not liking it due to it being uncomfortable, the item falling off and becoming loose in the crib, or baby outgrowing it depending on what type of wearable item it is. 

Having something that could be used long term, tracks sleep, provides an accurate reading for safety, and is comfortable for my baby was key in what I was looking for in the right monitoring system. The Cubo Ai Sleep Safety Bundle was the right choice for us! 

The Cubo Ai uses artificial intelligence, and the camera will provide you sleep analytics, danger zone detection, cry detection, auto photo capture, covered face and roll over detection, 2 way audio, and the picture quality is so clear! When combined with the Sleep Sensor Pad, it just increases the accuracy of sleep tracking and baby’s safety.

The Sleep Sensor Pad is unique because it does not have to be attached to your baby or touch your baby whatsoever. Their natural, comfortable, and safe sleep space will not be disrupted in any way, as the pad goes under the crib mattress. It detects your baby’s micro motion with 4 sensors that are able to cover the entire crib. You can select AI mode, which will work hand in hand with the camera, so if the camera detects your baby is in the crib, but the sensor does not detect those micro motions, it will send you an alert. 

One of my other favourite things about this, is how easy it is to install. I’m so used to having to wait for my husband to get home from work to help me install or put together most things. With the Cubo Ai Sleep Sensor Pad, all it took was me popping some batteries in and placing it under the crib mattress on the slats below. That was it! 

I highly recommend this monitor for so many reasons. Not only does it provide me that peace of mind as a parent and sleep consultant, knowing my baby is safe, but I’m able to check on my baby and know they are safe from anywhere. I was on a mountain snowboarding, and was able to talk through the monitor to reassure my little guy with my voice while he fell asleep for his nap that my mom put him down for. Being able to reassure my little one, know he is safe, and track sleep while I’m not even home makes me more comfortable to get out of the house and have that ME time, which we all know as parents can be hard to get sometimes. 

Overall, after working with so many families and having two children of my own, I think this is the ultimate baby must have gear for parents to bring that peace of mind! Cubo Ai Sleep Safety Bundle helps you to KNOW your baby is safe 

Get your Sleep Safety Bundle here! https://bit.ly/3uSFXK1 and use the code CHARLEY2022 to save! 

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