I am so excited to welcome you to my blog! I hope I am able to help you and your family get some rest, whether it be through my eBooks, sleep packages, or even just helpful tips on my Instagram and eventually tips right here on my blog!

Like many new parents, my husband and I were worried about the newborn phase and the exhaustion it would bring. Everyone’s experience might be different leading up to parenthood, but it seemed that people gave us the impression that once you passed the newborn phase, sleep struggles stopped too. I know this isn’t the case for most parents, but this is something that needs to be a more open conversation between parents, moms, and moms to be.

Remember that it does not make you a failure if your baby is not sleeping through the night from an early age. Every baby is different, and every baby responds to sleep training differently too. With the lack of information and open conversation regarding sleep, I went into parenthood thinking “okay my baby will eat every 2-3 hours at night the first month or so, and then sleep will get better because they can stay full longer.” I was so wrong.

Not only was I wrong about my expectations, but I simply was doing everything “wrong” when it came to sleep from the start. Now I’m not saying you sleep train your newborn baby, because you definitely should not do that, but you can set them up for sleep success with other tools and healthy sleep habits. I didn’t know any of these initially. I really just thought that newborns just slept when they wanted, because any interaction I had with newborns prior to my own, they always seemed to be sleeping no matter the sleep environment. However, I wasn’t there overnight to see how it REALLY was going.

So after months of struggles and hours of research on infant sleep, I found myself completely wrapped up in it. I was letting my friends know what I learned, and wanting so badly to help other moms and parents avoid the exhaustion I was feeling. I decided to become a certified infant sleep consultant to keep this journey going, and continue to help other families with baby sleep.

Overall, I want to help families get sleep whether they want to formally sleep train or not. There can be a huge misconception with sleep consultants in general, and that we may tell you to lay your baby down in their crib, let them cry until they ‘self soothe,’ and they are sleeping through the night. Firstly, I’ll say that none of the methods I offer are the ‘cry it out’ method. Second, I don’t like the term ‘self soothe.’ What I want to help you with is to teach your little one healthy sleep habits, and to learn independent sleep skills.

The majority of my content provided in the packages I offer will include details on sleep environment, tired cues, infant sleep behaviors, safe sleep, and lots more regarding healthy sleep habits to help set you up for success before we even get to the sleep training steps. Knowledge about infant sleep and healthy sleep habits can be beneficial whether you choose to sleep train your baby or not. Whatever you decide, make sure it is the right decision for you and your family!

If you have any questions, or not sure what route to take with my packages or eBooks feel free to contact me at info@goodnightcharley.com

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