Hey! I’m Michelle

I’m a Certified Infant Sleep Consultant and mom of two, offering online resources and services to help families with sleep from anywhere! When my first, Charley was born, I had no idea what I was in for when it came to baby sleep. Not unlike many parents out there I found myself exhausted and looking for answers. The more I looked for answers, the more passionate I became, learning about infant sleep and wanting to help others. I didn’t know it at the time while I spent hours awake at night, but my little Charley girl became my inspiration to follow my passion and become a Certified Infant Sleep Consultant and “Goodnight Charley” was born!

I look at sleep from a holistic approach. We need to ensure your baby is set up for success before just jumping into the sleep training steps themselves. What we will do is find and follow a method of sleep training that you are comfortable with, that teaches you how and when to respond to your baby! But, we will always be responding – no cry it out. Offering virtual sleep consulting services to help you wherever you are! Reach out to find out more and discover which of my services will be the best fit for you.